The earth moves like a sigh on peaceful lips. The energy of life flowing through everything. The dust of a million stars making you and me and us. But never them. There is no them. Only one. Only our hands, our hearts, our breath. We are the plants that sustain us, the dirt that we walk on, the stone that binds. We are the water that rushes through us. The air that we pull in and push out. Ebb, we are the flow.

You don’t know this yet but I can set you on fire. Open your darkness, pull out of you the you that was always there. Unseen. You are something fierce. Under the life you’ve built, behind the tech you invest in, the fictions you agree upon, the incredibly fabricated so called ‘real world’ you live in you are made of bone and blood and spirit. You are starlight right back to the beginning. Through every passed life that belongs to you in your genetic code. Ancestors burning their pains and strengths and failings into the double helix of you. Can you hear them? Can you hear the universe? The way it sings in you. Every time you feel certain. Peaceful. Your anger, your passion. The pain you cannot let go of. Exhale your life and in the formless form of things you will see the divine. Laying in the touch of the stars, the pull of the moon is the only knowledge worth knowing. How can I make you understand that this brightness in you is all that really matters. This feeling of safety can never be replaced. I can move but I don’t want to. If I could lay here for eons holding it all in my chest until it seeps through my bones and turns my soul to light. I am love and life. I am broken. Whole. I am everything I ever could have been and nothing at all. I am just the messenger.

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