I’ve been trying to sort through the mire that is my, what you might term spiritual feelings for what seems to be an awfully long time. I have tried on many ideas and many philosophies, I have developed many of my own. I have spent long hours trying to understand other people’s worldviews. The heart of this story, guide, journey, path, whatever you might term it, came about through a conversation on a creek bank one temperate day in early April. A thoughtful, somewhat jumbled expression of all the things that had been working themselves out inside me for the passed lifetime. That lead me here, to lay down tracks for myself and perhaps to offer something to you as well. With kindness, acceptance, and curiosity let’s see where this wind takes us.



That being said, don’t be alarmed if non spiritual items show up. . . Things that have to do with mental health, ADHD, sex education, LGBT+, personal writings and ramblings and who knows what else! I am a multifaceted human!


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